burgerToday is National Burger Day. There seem to be many days throughout the year that are national something. What is the point? I didn’t see any ads today for free burgers, specials on burgers or buy one get one free. Since it is National Burger Day, does it mean only hamburgers? Does it include turkey burgers, veggie burgers, or mushroom burgers? I wonder if there is a person somewhere sitting in a small cubicle coming up with national days. I would have to assume that the idea is to stimulate sales. Now when it was National Coffee Day, there were specials everywhere. They included free coffee and more. Its an interesting concept. There were articles about how you can celebrate National Burger Day. You could add an avocado, bacon, cheese, a second burger, lettuce, tomato, more cheese, etc. I am fairly certain that the calories for all those add on’s would be overwhelming. I found one site that felt that National Burger Day should only be for hamburgers. If one was predisposed to celebrate this day and hated beef, would it still count if they ate turkey or a veggie burger? There also appears to be restaurants and fast food shops that offer special styles of the hamburger for this momentous occasion. The hamburger and hot dog seem to be ¬†all American foods that are to be cherished. They are sold at all sporting events, in movie theaters, at carnivals and fairs, and are the signature food for the 4th of July in the United States. It may be that the hamburger is what helped fast food restaurants expand into the world simply because of the huge attraction of the hamburger. I hope for all of you who love burgers, you enjoyed this day.