giving upgood choice Everyone has days when they just feel it would be easier to give up. Often it is easier to just give up, but most people don’t. There was an article today about a woman who never lost hope. Over twenty years ago,  in India, a woman and her two daughters were sleeping peacefully when a man rushed in and threw acid on their faces. The mother rushed to the police with her girls where they were immediately taken to the hospital. One daughter died and the other one has lived a life in isolation as she is not only disfigured but almost blind. The woman knew it was a man paid by her husband as did the police. He was angry at this wife and daughters as the wife had not produced a son which would limit his inheritance of property as a member of his family. The wife was forced to drop the charges and moved back home with her husband. She did have another girl but to date he has not disfigured her. The mother continues to life her life and work. She said in the article that she would never give up hope. She does her best each day to cope and live her life. She is grateful for her healthy daughter. To never give up hope was very brave of her. Today, a person asked me about a particular individual I had met a few times many years ago. The man was facing criminal charges back in 2008.  If he was found guilty, or if he even went to trial, he would have lost his job, his standing in the community and several family members. He chose to give up and committed suicide. It was a sad situation. It’s possible he did it so his wife would have his retirement and his family wouldn’t have been publicly humiliated. There are times when people believe that if they make the wrong choices, marry the wrong person, get fired, etc. that rather than face all of the negativity they simply never give up and reinvent themselves, move and start a new life. Once I even met a man who had disappeared.  One day, this gentleman decided he had enough with his family, his job, his life.  His motto had been never give up but his life was over whelming and miserable.  So, on a beautiful sunny day, he told his family he was going to the store and just kept driving.  At the time he was living in Connecticut.  He drove to Florida and reinvented himself.  When I met him he was living with a woman who owned her own home and had a decent paying job.  His new career choice was selling life insurance.  Back then it was called a debit insurance.  Every week he drove to his specific route and collected money, from primarily women, for insurance policies.  Over time he became a general manager for a region on the east coast of Florida.  He told me he would never marry the woman he was living with.  He said his job was like being single and he met a variety of women whom he dated during the week.  It didn’t seem to bother him that he abandoned his family.  At some point, they all must have moved on as well.  However, he is probably still on the police records as a missing person even though he is alive and well.  I often wondered why he confided me the one time I met him and his girlfriend.  In any event, never give up is a motto strongly enforced in the stories in the Good Gus Series. may help you never give up if you need assistance in turning your finances around.  The Money Manager is the best tool for solving money problems.