pressure picpressure sign

Every day there is some type of pressure in life. It can be big or small, visible or invisible, but it seems to be always there in one form or another. It’s amazing how subtle pressure can be different for each individual. There is a scene in the “Big Bang Theory” when Leonard’s phone rings and he won’t answer it. Sheldon becomes upset as he feels Leonard should answer his phone. The call is from Stuart wanting tips for a date with Penny. Leonard doesn’t want to give him any tips and really wishes Stuart would just go away. Sheldon feels the pressure of the phone ringing and insists Leonard answer. Leonard does not succumb to the pressure and lets the call to go voicemail. Often people feel pressured whenever their phones ring or they receive a text. In the olden days before phones and even after, if a person wasn’t home their phone didn’t get answered. There was no caller I.D. so if they answered it could be a person they wished to speak to or possibly not. The answering machine, which was eventually renamed voicemail, was a great tool for anyone avoiding calls. The pressure to answer no longer existed. Today, however, many companies do not answer their phones and feel no compunction to do so. They also can avoid just about anyone they don’t wish to speak to. It’s a great tool to hide from callers particularly in business.  If a person has trouble being on time for their job, they have pressure every work day just trying to make it to work.  I know people who try everything to avoid being late from setting their clocks ahead a few minutes, setting their alarms to ring several times, having others ring to make sure they are up and about, taking showers in the evening and  pre-making their breakfast so they can fly out the door.  Sadly,  several of these same people still fail at being on time.  In marriage, there is a variety of pressure.  It’s just different from dating pressure.  Again, the pressure is subtle.  It can something simple or complicated such as one person wanting the other person to conform to their wishes, likes and dislikes, lifestyle changes, diet and exercise.  How a person handles pressure is another matter.  Some people simply can’t cope and fall apart. They end up on a variety of medications, therapy and sometimes even in a mental hospital.  There are also the people who, when under pressure, react by being loud, nasty, obnoxious and losing their tempers.  I dislike those people because if there is a decision to be made, the pressure is on and the last thing an individual needs is over reaction which will not help them think clearly and make the right choice.  Daily life in the Good Gus Series has subtle pressures.  I made a point of keeping it low key so that the readers wouldn’t notice it.  It’s important for children to understand that their family does have pressure, but there are many positive ways to handle it.