Bad Bart, Good Gus Books, Children Booksgg3-300x211 Many people are presumptuous. They automatically assume that they are right and everyone else is wrong about a topic, a statement or a particular subject. For example, I was watching an old “Big Bang Theory.” Leonard was limping up the stairs to his apartment with the assistance of a co-worker David Underhill when they encountered Penny. She immediately asked what happened and Leonard explained he was hurt on a motorcycle. David laughed as the bike never moved and fell on Leonard’s foot. After introductions, Penny asked David how did he know Leonard. His reply was that he was a physicist. She then said”No you’re not.” He asked why not and her answer was basically that he didn’t look indoorsie and pale. Because Dave was good looking and physically attractive, she presumed that he was not a physicist. Her presumptuous remark was based solely on his looks simply because he didn’t look like a “nerd” which is how the characters are referred to on the show.  She assumed, therefore,  he was not a physicist. I remember seeing on the Worldwide Exchange, which a financial show on CNBC, two of the female hosts discussing family traditions and lifestyles. One woman made a statement about her life and the other woman immediately argued with her about her own life. Not only was it presumptuous of her but it was in very poor taste for a business show or any other type of show for that matter. You have read I am sure about applicants for a job being turned down within a few minutes.  The interviewer may have taken one look at a person’s appearance and decided that based solely on their presumptuous attitude  the person was not a fit for a job even though their credentials were outstanding.  I am sure you have met people in life that were presumptuous.  What on earth makes them think they know better?  There are a variety of phrases I have heard people use such as smug, know it all, arrogant, plus a few more.  Often people you work with have a presumptuous attitude.  They assume you will stay late, arrive early, and cover for them possibly because they feel they are superior to you.  This includes supervisors, managers and general bosses.  Sometimes in a friendship, one person may be presumptuous.  If you like that other person and want to continue to associate with them, you may need to set a few ground rules.  Otherwise, they could become overbearing and even it was a good friendship, it would end. None of the characters in the Good Gus Series are presumptuous except Bad Bart in Book One.  He is also a bully.  However, he assumes he is the most important person and therefore entitled.  The book not only provides good reading for a child but it gives him or her an example of a bully and how to handle a negative situation, someone who feels entitled, and the importance of real friends.