garner & affleckdivorceThere is no privacy any more in the world. If you are rich and famous, photographers, gossip magazine writers, and fans follow you, take your pictures, listen to your conversations, and if they hear or see something interesting they sell the information to the highest bidder. Why is this  society so obsessed with celebrities, movie stars, high profile athletes, famous people, and anyone rich? They deserve a good life the same as we all do. Yet it seems that they are simply no allowed. I vaguely remember a movie a long time ago about a man who was filmed twenty four hours a day. When everyone found out they were furious with him as they had all been filmed without their knowledge.  They said and did things that they thought were private.   I have heard people who do  follow Hollywood, all the gossip magazines and TV shows say that the followers have no life. It could explain why some fans become so obsessed that they stalk the rich and famous and in some cases do harm to them. You often read how these obsessed people break into homes or on the properties hoping for a glimpse, a photograph, money or more. I saw an article today where a paparazzi took a picture of Jennifer Garner while she was shopping in a children’s store. The article headlines were flashing about her almost crying and looking distraught. If she was having a difficult moment why didn’t they leave her alone? Why couldn’t she shop in a children’s store in privacy without prying eyes and cameras? There are so many real things going on in the world that focusing on the personal problems of a famous actress should not exist.  I feel bad for her and her children.  The paparazzi is plastering the lives of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck every time they make a move.  There is no consideration for the confidentiality of their situation or the privacy of their children.  What this system of no privacy does represent are jobs for security people, specialized alarm systems for the rich and famous homes, personal service people who might otherwise work for lesser pay.  During the interviews with the Chief of Police, the District Attorney and other government officials for the recent murders of the military in Tennessee, the press in Chattanooga continually brought to the forefront of their questions the unauthorized spying and lack of privacy to U.S. citizens.  Any articles available cite spying and lack of privacy for private citizens.  Its understandable during the wars and conflicts but the average citizen is a decent human being just trying to do their best. What is sad is that the sophisticated equipment that governments use, gossip magazines, and other groups pirate it to strip people of their privacy and make money. There is something to be said for the old west and the story lines of the Good Gus series.