empty-promises-1Promises, promises, promises! Have you ever heard the old saying “Promises are meant to be broken?” I don’t agree with that. If you make a promise you should keep it. Making promises that you know you can’t keep, I think is wrong. There are numerous times when we make promises that we think we will never break. Then the circumstances change and it becomes impossible to keep those promises no matter how hard we try. People promise to be faithful and true and stay together for life. It doesn’t always work even though when they made those promises they were sure they would never break them. Sometimes as parents we make promises that we believe we can fulfill and then realize its impossible. Have you ever promised to sleep in a tent on a camping trip and realize your back will stiffen or make it impossible to go on the hike you also promised?¬†Its better to not make promises if you are not sure you can keep them. It gives a good¬†lesson to our children by keeping our word. Sometimes, children back us into a corner where we will say anything to make a situation better. For example, if someone is sick and the children want a guarantee that the person will recover. They could be borderline hysterical as its an important family member. I have always found it best to be vague and hedge my answer. That way if the person’s health fails, the child doesn’t become angry because the promise was broken. Teaching our children valuable lessons in building their character is sometimes easy and other times extremely difficult. In the Good Gus Series, building character and keeping promises is an underlying theme. The books are designed to teach a moral lesson without the reader realizing it. I hope now that 2015 is here, that reading and particularly books from the Good Gus Series will be one of your priorities.