A number of my fans have asked for a second “Brush your Teeth” so I decided to write today about the questions and answers I am asked after I read to children. Its my favorite part of the reading sessions. I love their questions and they seem to like my answers. At the Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, I was asked a variety of questions. For example: “Did you ride your horse here? Where is your horse? Do you take care of your horse and brush its teeth? How often to do your ride your horse? Did you ever live in Texas?” These questions and answers were over a few visits with different groups of children. So to answer the questions, “No I did not ride a horse here. I do not own a horse. Yes I really did live in Texas. When my son was ten he went to horse camp in Austin, Texas and learned how to brush a horse’s teeth.” Of course once I answered about brushing a horse’s teeth, the children wanted to know all about the toothbrush. I replied with extended hands, “Its quite large!” I went on to answer a few more questions. “Yes I have ridden horses many times. I enjoy riding when I have a nice horse.” Once when I was riding with my son, the horse I was on refused to follow the trail. Finally, one of the ranch hands came out and physically argued with the horse. She lost it after ten minutes, socked the horse right on the forehead and dragged it back to the barn.  I was in shock over her behavior.  At St. Patrick’s School in Donabate, Ireland, I read to two classes of  girls.  They loved the stories and, of course, loved my big white hat!  The questions and answers period for the second girls’ class that I read to were much more interested in where I was from, where my family was from, and my children.  Some of the other questions were: “Is Bad Bart real?  Are any of the characters in the books real? Have I ever lived on a ranch? How do I know about horses? What do they eat? Do horses know what you are saying when you talk to them?” My replies were:  “Bad Bart is not real, however many of the characters were likened to members of my family and a few friends.  No I haven’t lived on a ranch.  I have been around horses and studied them.  They like a variety of good grains. Horses understand some things that are said to them and they have a limited vocabulary.”  I often tell them about the three horses that escaped from their corral.  They were on the neighbor’s property next door to me.  When I saw them, I had my babysitter bring my children in and stay with them while I went next door.  The neighbor was out for the day.  My babysitter telephoned the owner of the horses so she could come along for them.  I calmly walked up the neighbor’s field to where the three horses were grazing.  Now its important to understand that I am short.  So as I approached them, they looked like giants.  I then quietly spoke to them and asked them to follow me, which they did.  By the time we had reached the road, the owner had arrived with her horse trailer.  She asked me how I was able to get the horses to the road.  I said, “Simple, I asked them.”  She thought that I was kidding, but then she realized there was no other explanation.   Once school is back in session, I hope to read to new groups of children who will quiz me during the questions and answers period.