Lamar Odamnicole curtis

Rehab is very popular for celebrities and the rich and famous. Many have been to rehab to cure their addictions. Today, Lamar Odam was rushed to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada USA as he was found unconscious in a legal brothel. The latest on his condition indicates that he had a serious amount of a variety of drugs in his system. Clearly, he needed rehab. The unfortunate part for most people who are not rich, rehab is beyond their means. I looked up the costs not only in the United States but in other developed countries as well and it was extremely expensive. A month cost as much as many individuals’ yearly income. There is a show on the TV in the U.S. that is entitled “Rehab Addict.” It stars Nicole Curtis. She purchases homes in very bad shape, sometimes for one American dollar, and then completely fixes everything wrong in every room of the homes. It is a very profitable business if you have the skills. A long time ago I was with a group that purchased homes and did a rehab on them. This was long before it was popular and people were making a fortune not only doing it but putting their efforts on the TV. The majority of the time we purchased vacant apartment complexes. They were never as large as the complexes available today. We would then redo each apartment and rent them upon completion. We would upgrade, for back then, to give people particularly in low income areas a decent place to live. However, one time we toured an apartment building that was not vacant. The owner didn’t want to do the maintenance and the place was truly a mess. We went into several apartments and saw how the people lived and how poor they really were. They didn’t have warm clothes, heavy blankets and because the owner had neglected the building, they didn’t always have heat in the cold weather. His pitch was that once we did the rehab we could charge double the rents. I turned it down and walked away. In all good conscious, how could I be part of a group that would put those poor people out in the cold to live under even worse conditions. In the Good Gus Series there is no rehab for addictions or for homes.  In book ten, “No School Today,” a lightning  storm damages the school house.  All the town citizens pitch in to rebuild the school.  In a way, it was an old fashioned rehab.