scandals with moneyscandals Today I saw an article about how to develop a scandal. Seriously, there are real life scandals going on without making them up. Look at the politics in any country. Take Italy for example, years ago the scandals about Berlusconi were outrageous. They had him  sleeping with under age females and claimed he abused his power. He was convicted, removed from office and is doing community service.  Was it true?  That is for the readers to research and decide.The elections in the United States are heating up and with it comes any and all scandals anyone can possibly find. The scandals make news, sell headlines, are fodder for talk shows, and of course, comedians. The fact that there was actually an article to develop scandals somehow makes it worse. In the workplace, individuals use scandals to move up in the organizations and to remove other workmates they dislike or that somehow make them look bad. I once worked in a small company with six employees. When the new hire arrived, she assessed the situation and decided she needed to eliminate a few of her co-workers. Her skills were almost non existent. That did not matter. She played the game, and made it look like two of the other employees were out to get her. Now that I think about it, she developed a few minor scandals that ended up with one girl being let go and the other quitting rather than have a firing on her employment record. She immediately set her sights on the boss even though he was married. Within a short time, her efforts paid off. She removed the people she didn’t want and had a sizeable increase in pay. In the end, she destroyed the company and the few remaining employees left rather than deal with her. There have been other scandals  in Canada, France, the U.K. Iran,  United States and South Vietnam just to name a few.  Scandals are like the gossip magazines and TV shows.  They are there for the interested parties and the profits.  I am sure as the U.S. elections progress, the scandals will abound.  As Christmas is quickly approaching, I hope you will consider “The Special Gift” as your new family Christmas book.