ghostafraid boypumpkins

As Halloween approaches, the scare factor escalates. Whether you walk, ride or drive, people have decorated their homes to look scary as you pass by. Some decorations look down right creepy. There are also commercials with people screaming and covered in blood for what appears to be new television shows. They have one where people are locked in a lift or elevator which looks awful. I have never understood why people want to be scared out of their minds. I am not one for the blood and gore. When my children were young, I never allowed them to watch or listen to anything that might scare them. My reasoning was that once you saw it or heard it, it was in your brain for good. I remember once a relative of mine was told by her father not to see the movie ” The Exorcist.” She snuck off with a few of her friends to see it. When her father found out he was furious. No one told him. He figured it out when she couldn’t sleep at night and keep sneaking into her brother’s bed because the movie had really scared her. When he figured it out, she had to admit what she did. It took months before the scare of the movie wasn’t in her brain at bedtime. Why do people want to scare other people? Do they think its funny? Are they mean or sadistic? Do they get a charge out of it? When I was young I loved the costumes, choosing and carving a pumpkin and then roasting the seeds,  the candy, going around my with friends and all the neighbors pretending they didn’t know who I was. Don’t misunderstand me.  I think Halloween is great minus the scare factor. I decorate with pumpkins and orange and black streamers to look festive.  I really enjoy the young children and now I pretend I don’t know who they are! For adults, its fun for the parties, the food, and socializing.  Of course, every Halloween there are always the mean people who go out of their way to be unkind.  There are schools, I believe in the United States, that won’t even allow Halloween parties or celebrations anymore.  I don’t think the old ways should be discarded because its not in, or has become unpopular for political reasons.  I never wrote a Halloween story for the Good Gus Series.  I didn’t want the scare factor or anything that might send the wrong message to my readers.