get over11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150 As the Christmas season approaches, there are many movies particularly on the Hallmark channel, that have story lines about self-centered individuals. I saw one today about a couple who had been separated for years and never bothered to get a divorce. The man was a philanderer and extremely self-centered. Their life together for the most part was all about him. He was a pilot who flew around the globe and spent most of his free time with other women. He went to visit his wife to ask for a divorce so he could marry a woman their daughters’ age. He also told her he planned to start a family with the new wife. It was then his wife told him he was about to become a grandfather. He had a heart attack. Once he became ill, he ended up staying with the almost ex-wife as he didn’t want to pay the exorbitant fees at the hospital. Since she was a doctor, it was very convenient for him. As the movie progressed he began to see he had missed out on a great deal of his daughters’ lives because he was so self-centered. There are people like that in the real world, not just in movies. They do whatever they please and are occasionally decent to their families. Then, as soon as they are older and sick and need help, they rush back to the families that they basically abandoned. I know of a family where the husband divorced his first wife to marry another woman. She was only a few years younger that the first wife. He supported his first family but only because the second wife insisted and made sure they received the income. As their marriage progressed, he eventually went back to his old ways of fooling around with other women. The second wife continued to work hard and look after everything. Eventually, they had a family and he, like the man in the movie, was so self-centered he missed out on most of the positive events in the children’s lives. Also, like the movie, he blew a great deal of his money on a much younger woman. Once he became ill, the younger woman found someone new. Then as this real life parallels the movie,as he was ill he went back to this second family that he had ignored for almost twenty years. As I watched the movie, I was in awe at how my friend’s life was almost the same. So as you watch the movies about self-centered people possibly turning around for the holidays, remember its only a movie and the real life people revert right back to their self-centered ways! The Good Gus Series had Bad Bart, but even he learned not to be selfish and one way.