self respectWe are all born with self respect. Over time, however,many people lose their self respect. It can happen in a variety of ways. For example, if a person is raised in an environment that constantly puts him or her down, over time the person will lose self respect. Sometimes people lose their self respect when they lose their job and have difficulty obtaining another one. In many countries, the lack of jobs and earning a living is making numerous people lose their confidence and self respect. There are also instances where a person so down in her or her luck, finds that something minor makes a huge difference. I was watching a show set in the 1950’s or 1960’s about a family. One of the characters, a little girl, belonged to a girls organization. The leader of the group asked the girls to find items in their homes that they could donate to help out the less fortunate. The little girl took one of her father’s custom made suits. At first he couldn’t figure out where it had disappeared to. He questioned his wife and asked if she took it or if it was at the dry cleaners. It was a real mystery until he stumbled upon the fact that his daughter, believing she was doing the right thing, had taken his suit for the donation drive. He really wanted to scold her, but he couldn’t because he had taught her that she should help out people in need. To make a long story short, the suit was given to a man who had been down on his luck. He and his wife had both lost their jobs and were trying to find new ones. They had sold most of their possessions and really needed decent clothes to obtain new jobs. The suit fit the man perfectly and in the end they both landed employment. In the Good Gus Series, the stories revolve around everyone helping each other. They are fun books with adventure but a subliminal message. As the New Year rapidly approaches, one of your goals for the child or children in your life may be reading and learning the importance of lending a helping hand and self respect.