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Is it my imagination or do you notice more people being short tempered? Lately, wherever individuals are driving they are playing games on the road with their vehicles trying to take out their frustrations on other drivers. They seem to be driving too fast and then suddenly braking for no reason. Then there are the ones who deliberately drive below the speed limit and cause a massive line behind them particularly in areas where no one can pass. I saw a man doing that the other day. People were honking their horns; had rolled down their window and were yelling profanities; and of course, there were the people giving hand gestures. When a person is having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that they are entitled to take it out on random strangers. Do they somehow think that it is acceptable? Bar room brawls are started by short tempered people. Something insignificant escalates into punching, hitting, broken furniture, glasses, bottles, and multiple injuries. How many times have you seen it in movies and TV shows, particularly the older ones. Charlie Sheen had a show entitled “Anger Management.” I saw a few clips here and there, but all the characters were there primarily because they were short tempered. Often, court ordered anger management classes are sentences to avoid jail time. I have known people who are so short tempered that when they become annoyed or frustrated with inanimate objects or electronics, they completely lose it and smash or destroy the item.  I knew a man who was so annoyed with a typewriter that he opened a second story window and threw it out onto the parking area.  Years ago, when the economy was really bad, and particularly in Texas, people had such road rage and were so short tempered that they would get out of their vehicles with theirs guns and shoot another driver who had driven too close, tapped their bumper, and gestured them.  You can find the articles at the library if it sounds unreal. When children are frustrated and have temper tantrums, that is the time to nip it.  Otherwise, the behavior becomes acceptable in their minds and they believe that being short tempered is normal and an appropriate reaction.  Look at the murder statistics.  The number of people killed due to someone losing their temper is astronomical.  It’s higher than the planned assassinations.  In the Good Gus Series, Bart is short tempered.  It was an example to children to understand that a tantrum is unacceptable and that resolving issues peacefully is the best choice. Valentine’s Day is only a month away.  Also, don’t forget to check out maecharlesbooks.com.  “Misplaced Trust” is an ideal choice for an adult who hopes for a book for Valentine’s Day.