moving truckold-fashioned-cars-pictures-49 When people speak to you do you find them to be sincere or simply putting on an act? Being really sincere is a trait that many people have, but not everybody. Slick salespeople appear to be sincere. Then they sell you a product that breaks down, falls apart and then slip into the contract that there is no real warranty. There are people who sell cars that do that. My daughter bought a car from a salesman that appeared to be really sincere. Sadly, he was a phony. The warranties were not what he claimed. The transmission had a problem within the first six months of driving and other items seem to be wrong as well. You wouldn’t mind if it was a very old car, but it wasn’t even a year old when she purchased it. My favorite are the time share representatives.  They are so sincere and so convincing, that many people over the years have purchased holiday time shares and then when it came time to redeem the costs were outrageous and the weeks they hoped for were all booked.  My late aunt had one and she finally gave up and turned it back to the company.  She was very disappointed.  She told me that at the time she made the purchase, the saleswoman was so sincere.  I am not knocking sales people.  Without them, there would be no economy, no products and no real cash flow anywhere in the world.  They are extremely valuable and for the most part not considered important.  My friend has worked for a moving company for over thirty years.  She learned early on to focus on the moving jobs that no one else was interested in.  It didn’t take long before she figured out that no one liked to move libraries or complicated jobs such as museums.  She studied the techniques, and because she is truly sincere, over the past years she has become very successful.  While other sales people in the company directed all their attention to individuals or families moving homes, which is quite cutthroat, she had at least in the early years,  very little competition.   After a number of years, some of the companies she was up against  began to figure out that she was an expert in that field, so they began to bid against her for the jobs.  She still does quite well though.  Being sincere doesn’t take much if you have that trait.  In the Good Gus Series everyone is sincere.  They try to help one another and do the right thing.  I hope you will consider adding a few of the books to the child or children on your gift list for their  library for Christmas.