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Often you hear a person say, “Think Big.” There is also a saying “Go big or Go Home.” For many people its easier said than done. Some individuals think small as they are afraid to think big or haven’t been exposed to anything outside their immediate area in life. What do you think when you hear the words “think big?” For some people, it means a large home. There is a show in the United States on HGTV entitled, “Property Virgins.” It’s about first time home buyers who have difficulty choosing a home. Many of the couples and individuals have looked at over fifty homes. They want a particular type of home, with every amenity possible, in a specific area, with a somewhat low or unrealistic price. When the hostess shows them homes, she gets a feel for what they are looking for and tries to politely make them aware of what the reality is for their budget. The other day, she showed a father and son a really nice home well within their budget. The next day, the dad lowered the budget and didn’t like what he saw in the lesser price range. In one of the homes, there was a white board on a wall.  She demonstrated to the dad the differences in prices and mortgages.  She explained that his payment would be so much with a lower quality house and slightly more for a home with double the amenities and size.  She urged him to think big.  In the end, he bought a condo.  He thought about what she said and realized that he needed to start with a condo, and then with her suggestion to think big, he would keep it as a rental unit and buy a second home that was larger with significant amenities.  The movie “Hairspray” was a movie about the 1960’s and dance crazes.  The 1960’s was a time when girls did think big but it was about their hair.  They had hair that was teased and it was all about how many inches high they could make it.  Anyone who looks at things in terms of thinking big should go far.  When my daughter was little,  she and her friends used to play pretend and dress up.  One day while a few of the girls were playing, they were pretending to be whomever they might be when they grew up.  All the girls except one did think big.  One of the girls wanted to be a maid.  My daughter was very upset that she didn’t want a college education and a well paying career.  Sadly, this little girl’s mother was a maid so she was not taught to think big.  In the Good Gus Series all the children wish to be very successful.  The stories show the readers that there were opportunities for education, and choices to think big and be successful.  At the characters in “Misplaced Trust” do think big.  Unfortunately, in some of the chapters they characters think too big.