timingburns and allen

Timing is everything or so they say, but who are they? In show business, timing really is everything. A good comedian duo who have perfect timing really make an act or performance great. Burns and Allen had great timing. When the timing is off, it’s not quite as enjoyable. There is also timing in life. There have been documentaries showing tsunamis where people have been in the wrong place at the wrong time on holiday when one hit. Many people didn’t really believe a tsunami would strike and when they did, they ignored the warnings.  They lost their family and their lives. There are people who go on holiday and have impeccable timing. The weather was perfect, the prices for their trip were fabulous, and they found wonderful bargains for souvenirs. Then, there are the people who have poor timing. One of my relatives has just that luck. Their friends ask when they are going on holiday so they won’t choose the same dates. I also know a couple with the same bad luck. Wherever they are, its either cold or raining. We once went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with them and the weather became unseasonably cold. I ended up paying ridiculous prices for warm hoodies as we just weren’t prepared for that type of weather.  There are individuals in life who have poor timing for almost everything.  They don’t plan maintenance on their vehicles and then when they break down, or don’t change the oil at the appropriate mileage number, and a repair is necessary. The costs end up being  quite high.  Its also the same type of circumstance if a person knows that they need a repair in their home for example with the heater or a plumbing issue.  Rather than have it checked to see what the problem might be and the cost to repair or replace, they procrastinate and then at the worst possible moment, either a heat wave or a freeze, the heat or plumbing goes and the price to fix is astronomical.  Once again, their timing is really off.  Appliances can go and the cost to fix is many times simply not worth it.  However, people who don’t keep up the maintenance and figure nothing will go wrong and if it does, there will be a sale are usually mistaken.  Their impeccable timing shows its ugly face and they pay double or triple than if they had just thought about it and planned for problems. In many of the adventures of the children in the Good Gus Series, a number of stories demonstrate bad timing.  Although, all the books have a good moral lesson and a happy ending.  The crowds were out today, so save a trip and order a book for the child or children on your Christmas list. You will be very happy that you did.