Irish country sidefrancebahamasWhenever you hear a game show host asking a contestant what they do for fun, almost every answer is “I love to travel.” The shows such as “Location, Location, Location” and “House Hunters International” when asked by the interviewer, they all have a budget that includes travel. Many of the individuals cite that they have this opportunity and do not wish to spend it on high rent, or a mortgage so that they can travel. They really discuss this as part of their option in choosing a home on the shows. There are people who either never travel or do not have the opportunity. I enjoy traveling as well as most of the members of my family. Nurse Joyce from the Good Gus Series lived in Australia. In the series, Nurse Joyce is an orphan who travels from England to Pecos, Texas for a job with Dr. Moore. Mary from Mary’s Cafe’ has visited the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, France, and Ireland just to name a few countries. Miss Patty, the school teacher, has also been to France, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico as another character who in real life likes to travel. A few of the characters in the series have never left the United States or Europe. When traveling with a family it can be fun or a nightmare. I used to travel when my children were young, primarily to either Disneyland or Disney World. Two theme parks I really love. I recently read about a theme park that was built in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a welcome relief to families in their war torn country. It is small but offers a Ferris wheel, tea cups, a small train, and a few more rides. Families travel primarily on Fridays to bring their children for a wonderful day. There are large cities that do not have any type of amusement park. Traveling circuses, what might be considered a carnival or fair travel to major cities both in the U.S. and Europe. It gives families the opportunity, if they cannot travel out of their immediate area, the chance to enjoy themselves. Many people write about their travels in books and there are shows both in the U.S. and on the BBC that offer the television viewer a chance to experience other parts of the globe while sitting in their easy chair. The travel in the Good Gus Series involves locally within Texas. The characters travel to Ft. Stockton, Ft. Worth, Monahans, and outlying areas that were not yet named during that period. Thank you for all of your votes for Mission Main Street Grants.