firemen-running-ladder-18883094security-guard-communicating-15965678dobie gillis Have you noticed that many people wear a uniform? Its not just the police, fire, military, or the schools, but there are groups who wear a specific style of clothes. In other words, they have a uniform. I was standing in line at Trader Joe’s today, when I notice it. The young man in front of  me was in a uniform for a group. He wore the baggy jeans, a checkered shirt, had short hair and a nose piercing. He was wearing the uniform for that particular group. The females may have dyed hair in an unusual color and similar piercings. Both the men and women in that group may also have a variety of piercings. There is also the group that wears their pants below their back side. The state of Florida has outlawed that type of attire. There are additional groups who wear old style clothes and they refer to it as retro. They appear to be more in the 1950’s style. There is also the 1960’s retro styles in another type of group similar to the hippies from that era. Another type are the individuals in a group that would never wear last year’s fashion. Many of us wear our clothes for a few years and try to buy classic styles. That way they appear to be in style without destroying our budgets. In most business areas, the suit is the uniform for both men and women.  Although, unless you shop at a specialty store, suits don’t seem to be in demand.  The workplace has taken on a more business casual attire. Again, a uniform, just a different style. In the 1950’s there were a few groups. One group was referred to as the beat and they liked different types of music and dressed a certain way. Maynard G. Krebs, of the Dobie Gillis show, was from the beat generation. He spoke words like cool, crazy, etc. Dobie dressed like the teens of the era. The cool cats were the ones who had slicked back hair, smoked, drove fast cars and were forever in trouble.  The fashion designers are aware of what will be “in” and the clothes individuals will buy.  It was a surprise when the designers came out with their names on clothes, followed by creases in jeans, then the ripped jeans.  The labels were to make sure that anyone who purchased a pair of jeans, that everyone knew they were designer jeans.  Fortunately, that fad has faded.  The ripped jeans though is still around.   Why would a person pay a large sum of money for ripped jeans?  If they wanted them that badly, they could rip them with a pair of scissors. If jeans were ripped in the Good Gus Series they were patched and used until they wore worn through.  If you are looking for a uniform way of making your finances work, then look no further! has exactly what you are looking for.