shark tanka chancebig bang How often have your heard the words, “Just take a chance?” Taking a chance can work out or be quite risky. It depends upon the circumstances. There are countless movies about people suggesting to other individuals to just take a chance on love. Of course, its the movies so everything works out in the end. There are people who take chances in everyday life. They speed through traffic so they won’t be late for work. Not only are they endangering themselves, but everyone else around them. Then there are the people who think they are the best drivers and drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Often they end up harming not only themselves but other innocent people. They should have never taken a chance on driving. There are also risks in the workplace. Sometimes it is easier to take a chance and present your ideas or project to the boss or manager. It’s worth it if they like it. If they don’t at least you took a chance and they know you will try again. Only a manager who not only rejects the idea, but then demotes a person, is not a person that should be in charge. Taking a chance in confiding in a person is a double edged sword. They may keep your confidence, or gossip and let the world know your secret. In the Big Bang Theory, there is an episode where Penny has something confidential and can’t hold it in. She starts to tell Leonard that is a big secret, and his reply, is, “Tell me anyways as you know you will.” Of course, she proceeds to tell Leonard who in turn tells Howard. Since the secret was about Bernadette wanting a prenuptial agreement before marrying Howard, the scene then became awkward once Leonard told Howard. Leonard took a chance in telling Howard as he felt he should know. The moral of this, if there is one, is don’t tell Penny anything you don’t want anyone else to know. There are people who feel that bungee jumping and sky diving are taking a chance on life.  There are individuals who do this every day without any repercussions. They have the type of personalities that like taking a chance or risks.  Lastly, there are people who will take a chance on another individual in business.  The TV show “Shark Tank” is an excellent example of business people willing to risk their money by taking a chance on an invention, product concept, idea and people for a good investment with a solid return.  The children in the Good Gus Series do take a chance now and then.  They do learn  often the risks are mistakes.  Skip the crowds and cold weather and order a book from the series for the child or children on your Christmas list.