988406_565039846922270_34848742_n614758_482217035123191_315651552_oHow do you feel when you receive unwanted or unsolicited advice? I for one do not like it. I think that people love giving advice. Many years ago advice columns in the newspapers were very popular. I am not sure if people read them to see what the columnist was going to give as advice or if some of the questions were so outrageous that people enjoyed reading the answers. I believe there is still an advice column today but I think it is on the internet. One of my pet peeves about advice is that the person giving the advice not only expects you to appreciate it but follow it. Sometimes their advice can be really a bad mistake or just plain stupid. I also dislike  when you are having a pleasant conversation, the person you are speaking to interrupts and gives you advice. Sometimes I would like to say sometime such as “Who asked you for this advice? It surely wasn’t me.” Then, you hurt their feelings which is unkind. There isn’t a lot of advice given in the Good Gus Series. In the book, “The Uninvited Guest” Fred Band, the father of the twins, J.C. and Bronco, decides to give the boys each a horse for their tenth birthday. He immediately consulted Judge Ross as he is the best horse breeder in all of Texas. Judge Ross is again asked for his advice  from Ray, who runs the Blacksmith Shop in Pecos, in the Christmas book, “The Special Gift.” As you ponder about advice I hope you will consider “The Special Gift” as a unique present for the child or children in your life.