11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeHave you ever met a person that was the “all about me” type? They could be in your work place, a relative or even a friend. Their all about me attitude is nothing I care for. The all about me person is never interested in you or what problems you may be having in life. Whatever you may say to all abut me, they counter with how difficult everything is for them, how they hate their job but in reality don’t look for another one, how they are constantly suffering. I have said to this, all about me person be grateful you are not in fear of dying because you are in a war zone. The all about me seems to behave as if everything is an imposition. It doesn’t matter what you ask them. It could be some small insignificant favor, but its too much whatever it is. Let’s say, for example, you ask the all about me to stop and buy something for his child whom you are watching. What does he do? He buys take away food for himself and forgets to bring home for the child. His reply then will be a variety of excuses even though there was clearly a grocery on his way home, even though his wallet is full of money, and and and! I think its the excuses I dislike the most. There is always a reason why the all about me didn’t finish college, quit a good paying job, ended a wonderful relationship with a good individual, didn’t pay the child support, didn’t pay the utility bills, etc. The reasons are always ridiculous and stupid. What they should say is “I am too selfish to care about your needs and what you may want, or unless its all about me and my needs I am not interested.” They had a parent or parents who took care of them. Why can’t they see that others look after them and that the same consideration should be passed along? The all about me in the work place is no different. They take advantage of their workmates, take extra breaks, are always on the phone rather than doing the work, and generally treat everyone else as if he or she is the boss and therefore doesn’t really need to do what is necessary because the workers around them will cover for them, so they don’t look bad. Have you ever been to lunch with all about me? How many times do they actually pay for your lunch or even their fair share? Have you ever felt that the all about me person is beyond self centered and conceited? It might explain their attitudes. If you know someone who is all about me or you are related to them, I wish you the best as they are the most difficult people to get along with and tolerate. The Good Gus Series had only one character, Bad Bart who was an all about me man.  He is in book one, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart.”