annoyed manannoyed on phoneannoying sign There are people who become annoyed over the least little thing. I was watching an old show from the 1960’s today. The show was about a family; a mother who was a widow and her two sons ages approximately ten and eight. The ten year old was staying at a friend’s and the eight year old wanted to go on a father and son camping trip. The mum called her dad who lived on a farm about one hour away from the family. The family had moved to the city when the mother had obtained a job. It was a shorter commute. The grandfather was already out of town attending a Grange meeting. The boy was so disappointed that the mum said she would go on the trip with him. Off they went and arrived at the campsite. The camping leader wanted no part of the mother staying. He quickly became annoyed with her. She, however, was determined and wore him down. The mother and son went about trying to put up their tent. Not one dad would assist. Finally they gave up and slept under the starts. Of course, right after they fell asleep it began to rain heavily. She quickly whipped out an umbrella. The next scene opened in the morning with the mum and son eating eggs and flapjacks. None of the dads could get a fire going so they were all starving. The leader and his son were eating cold beans out of a can. First one dad showed up and then all the dads to be fed. The leader was still annoyed and would not allow his boy to join the rest of the group. Of course, as the day progressed the leader became even more annoyed as the mother and son team won all the contests. They had various types of races and the mother and son won every one. The leader was sure that when they started the fishing contest, that the mother would finally fail. He continued to become further annoyed when the mother and son were ahead of the group in catching the fish. No one had known, that the mother’s mum had passed when she was a girl and her dad had taught her all about farming, camping and fishing. The annoyed leader finally came around and in the end everyone had a great time. It is always difficult when you are being serviced by a person who becomes annoyed with you and your problem. It is not an easy task trying to solve an issue when the person in charged is annoyed and doesn’t really give you the help you require. I have seen this at the bank, the grocery, department stores, utility companies and even the Post. Their jobs are to treat everyone with respect and do their best to solve the problem. Often they don’t and are rude, disconnect you when they are supposedly transferring you to another department, or simply refuse to help.  In the Good Gus Series, Bob at the Sweet Shop does his level best not to become annoyed with Bad Bart.  In the end, of course, the issue is solved by Sheriff Gus.  A book from the series is a great way to start the child or children in your life off for their reading requirements in the new year.