1-gus2-300x2401-150x150Today is Veterans Day in the United States. Every country in the world should have a day of appreciation for all the military. The military for all free countries helps all of the communities around the world remain free. Men and women give up their lives every day to help everyone around the world to remain safe. In the United States anyone who has been in the military is shown appreciation by receiving a free meal at restaurants today through out he country. I am not sure if other countries have a military appreciation day. If they don’t, they should. The only military in the Good Gus Series are the men at Ft. Stockton, Texas. There is mention of a military base in Houston, Texas, but the men from Ft. Stockton are appreciated in many of the stories in the Good Gus Series. In my book “Grasshoppers Go Home” the soldiers from the fort jump right in when Sheriff Gus realizes that a massive swarm of grasshoppers are heading for Pecos. No one in the town nor any of the soldiers had experienced the destruction of grasshoppers, sometimes referred to as locusts, can do to the vegetation. They will eat all the crops, clothes hanging on a clothes line, leaves on trees, flowers and anything else their stomachs can handle. Once the crisis passed, the whole town was grateful to Sheriff Gus for knowing about grasshoppers and their rapid devouring of everything in site. They also were appreciative of the assistance the solders gave immediately without hesitation. Today, as the military is remembered in the United States, I hope you will show your appreciation to anyone you may know who has been in the military and served their country with pride.  As you ponder gifts for children this holiday season,I hope you will consider the Good Gus Series as books that inspire.