attitudeattitude changes The right attitude will take you far. The wrong attitude will take you no where. When people have a pleasant attitude towards another person, particularly if you are at the bank, a shop, the grocery, post, or even repair people of any type, the situation always goes smoother when you have a good attitude. I will admit that when you take your car in for repairs and they hint in will be a certain amount, then they find other things wrong and before you know it the amount is beyond whatever money you have put aside for car repairs. I have seen various individuals have a negative attitude towards the mechanic at the auto repair facility. What usually happens to those individual’s cars is that they are put at the bottom of the queue whereas if they had a good attitude even though the news was negative it would remain as a priority. That is exactly what happened to me today. I was in shock when I was told that my truck would cost exactly double for a repair. However, I remained calm and the manager said that he would make sure I was a priority so that when the part arrived, my truck would be finished almost immediately. I can only assume it was my attitude. As children I am sure you remember your parents, relatives or guardians telling you to stop the attitude. Of course, the teenage years were the worse as we all probably had attitude. Between the difficulties in just being in high school, to raging hormones, an attitude in a teen was to be expected. The attitude of a manager in the workplace, however, shouldn’t be tolerated. Many bosses believe that they can have any type of attitude they want. After all, the employee is under their control and they are paying them. Its companies and small businesses that have management in place with attitude that stifles their success and the turn over of employees is excessive. There are also businesses that you phone into and the attitude of the service tech or customer service is unpleasant and difficult.  Often they repeat themselves like robots and never really address your issue or answer your questions.  In the Good Gus Series, Bad Bart had an attitude.  I used it to show how a bully behaves and the solution of not accepting his behavior and solving the problem in a positive way.