Good Gus Books, Children Books, Cattle Are Restless11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeThere are many types of beauty. Everyone has their own opinion of what real beauty is. Some people believe that if your teeth are crooked or your ears stick out you are not attractive. Ben Stiller, for example, has ears that stick out. He is considered very attractive. The old saying beauty is only skin deep is really true. Judging people by their appearance instead of giving them a chance to see if they are the type of person you would like to know is shallow in my opinion. When my daughter turned eighteen, my family, along with her boyfriend, went to Los Angeles to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. We planned an entire week-end of fun. We arrived on time for our reservation and were seated at a nice table. Our waiter arrived at our table and presented the menus. He then disappeared and after a while another person took over for him. I didn’t understand why until I asked my neighbor who was originally from the Los Angeles area. She said that we were not wearing the latest fashion and that many times when she lived in Los Angeles she not only was told by the waiters or waitresses but she witnessed it several times and her waiter or waitress had discussed it with her. I told my neighbor I had asked our waitress what had happened to our waiter and she gave a flimsy excuse. We could clearly see him waiting on other tables and noticed his distaste for our lack of “in” fashion in his eyes. Many times, both adults and children, unknowingly judge people by their beauty or lack thereof. Its really more important to learn about people than judge or be judged. I saw on an old show recently about a girl who was up on a blind date by her friend. The friend said he was really nice and handsome. When her parents insisted they meet him before she went out on the date (a practice that should be utilized today) the lad showed up and was not exactly the handsome in her mind that her friend had described. She suddenly gave him an excuse about having to finish a term paper. The boy knew it was because of his appearance. After he left, her father expressed strongly is disappointment in her behavior. She was so upset by what her father said, that she laid down and drifted off to sleep. She dreamed about the boy and in her dream she saw that he really was nice and had admirable qualities. The show also added a side twist taken from the story of Pinocchio in which her nose grew and she was not longer attractive. When she awoke from her nap, she realized her foolishness. She immediately found the boy and told him she would finish her term paper the next day and she really wanted to go out on the date. It all ended well. In the Good Gus Series, no one judges Bad Bart when he rides into Pecos wearing all black. He even has a black horse. Everyone quickly learns that his appearance didn’t matter, but his disposition, which was not pleasant, was what really counted. I read to a school in California “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” and the children loved it. On my return visit I read “The Cattle are Restless.” Cory, Gus’s cousin, wore all black except for a red shirt. As I read the story all the children were instantly worried that Cory would be like Bad Bart. In their minds, they were prejudging him because he wore so much black. As you teach your child or your children about the value of judging people based on their traits and not appearance, I hoe you will use a book from the Good Gus Series as an example.