296044_490238270987734_25261447_n1-gus2-300x2401-150x150There are many people in our every day life who work behind the scenes to make our lives run smoothly. If you stopped to think about it, its really amazing. Think about electricity for example. There are people behind the scenes that we don’t know that make sure we receive power and only when something goes wrong do we see them in action. There are people in our everyday lives that work behind the scenes such as husbands and wives. They each handle things throughout the day that they don’t take credit for, acknowledge, or simply handle without any fanfare. Obviously, in the movies and on television, the people who work behind the scenes make sure that the stars, celebrities, guests, etc, all look good and everything runs smoothly for their success. They are never recognized as the key element to the famous person’s success on camera. There are many volunteers around the world who work behind the scenes never receiving recognition, awards, large sums of money or anything that they probably deserve for doing wonderful work and helping so many people. Even as parents we do things every day for our children, even the ones that are grown, that would be considered behind the scene. We don;’t ask for recognition, although it is appreciated, but we try to do whatever we can for our families without a big splash. Obviously, there are people who make sure that whatever they do is recognized, noticed, placed in the news or on the television. There are many people in the Good Gus Series who work behind the scenes and don’t even want recognition. You can see it in the characters of Doc Moore, Nurse Joyce, Sheriff Gus, Judge Ross, Mary at Mary’s Cafe’, Ray, Miss Patty, Rev. Glenn and so many more. They make up the town of Pecos as good citizens working behind the scenes to enhance everyone’s life including their own. As you ponder a reading gift for the child or children in your life for Valentine’s Day, please think about the Good Gus Series. It’s calorie free!