Big BossAt one time or another we have all had someone we have called the big boss. Who really is the big boss, though? In large corporations its the Chief Executive Officer. In smaller companies, its the President. There is even a movie called ‘The Big Boss.’ When we were in school, we felt our parents were the big boss. How many times have your heard your children or maybe you even said it yourself, “You are not the boss of me.” Whenever you see a movie or television show about a work situation, why is the big boss, for the most part, not always, a jerk. Why also are the employees so afraid of him that they act stupid and basically kiss up to him in almost any scenario. Skits that involve advertising agencies seem to be the worse. In the old Bewitched, Larry Tate was an idiot. His opinions swung whichever way ┬ámade the client happy even if it wasn’t right. He would fire Darren in a heartbeat. The writers made him look stupid. In the real world, the big boss has rules and regulations to follow. For the most part, they abide by the rules and treat people fairly. The ones that don’t almost seem like bullies to me. Its as though their power of holding a person’s employment over their head entitles them to be intimidating, rude, and unfair. It is a sad situation as the people he/she is harming are usually the people that live from paycheck to paycheck and put up with the nonsense for fear of losing their income. In the Good Gus Series, Sheriff Gus is the big boss of Pecos, Texas. He is a fair man and as you know always does the right thing. So as its down to one week-end left for all your Christmas needs, check out the Good Gus Series. It will be worth your time.