gg1-300x254Have you ever met anyone that no matter what happens they always find a way to blame something or someone? Nine out of ten times whatever occurred is probably the person doing the blaming is the one at fault. Whenever there is an auto accident the other person is always to blame. I have seen people literally duke it out over a fender bender. Seriously, that is why you have insurance. There is always someone to blame but let the insurance adjuster figure it out or the police. There are many areas now that unless there is a fatality, the police will not arrive at anĀ  auto accident. It is left to the individuals involved. Adults blame their parents many times for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Sure parents make mistakes but most try to do the right thing and if they mess up really badly they try to make it up in some way. Once a person is an adult it is their responsibility to fix their lives. Placing the blame on their parents for everything is immature and irresponsible. A person cannot grow as an individual if they continue to blame others for their own failures. As adults, if we blame everyone and everything its a bad example to our children. It is important that they learn to take responsibility for their actions. Blame is learned behavior. In the Good Gus Series, in book one, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart,” Bob, the owner of the Sweet Shop, has no choice but to blame the stage coach driver because he was late with a shipment of goods. Sometimes there is a reason but in the story, Bad Bart didn’t care who was to blame, he just wanted his chocolate ice cream. If you want to give the Good Gus Series, a try, book one is an ideal choice. It also has a subtle lesson in bullying.