brokefalsely accusedWhen many people hear the word broke, they think of a person in a financial problem. They don’t classify them as poor, but that its merely a temporary situation that will be rectified son. Being broke is no laughing matter. Anyone who starts out working and rises up the corporate ladder or starts their own business knows financial success and freedom. Then if they lose their position or their business begins to go in a downward spiral, they assume that its only a matter of time before everything will improve. Sometimes everything turns around and improves.  The business owner develops new sales techniques and the cash flow increases and the corporate person lands another excellent paying job.  Then, there are the people who spiral so far downwards that they do become poor.  Some end up homeless and unemployed.  Once their life falls apart it takes a great deal of effort to bring it back to what it once was.  There are people who end up selling everything and working at temporary jobs just to have food and shelter.  Its difficult.  A woman recently commented on my blog on Facebook.  She was referring to my blog “Accuse.”  Her son is living in Florida working for a moving company.  He is living in his car, but he is working.  He is trying to start over and build a better life.  Since the other workmates know he is living in his car, including his supervisor, when a piece of jewelry went missing on a moving job.  Naturally, because this young man is broke, they automatically assume he took the jewelry.  He is a victim of circumstances.  There were a number of other people helping to pack.  Any one of them could have taken the jewelry, but they are zeroing in on her son because he is broke.  Not only are they assuming the worst, but he is an easy target.  I responded to her and suggested she try to obtain a good lawyer.  In the Good Gus Series many of the residents live a comfortable life financially.  I didn’t feel the need for the readers to possibly face the harsh reality of their lives if they were broke or poor.  I hope you will consider the Christmas book, “The Special Gift.” It wuld make a wonderful new holiday tradition.