Sad-Bullying-Stories-150x120bullying11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeI have written about bullying before, but it seems to be even more prevalent now. Just today I saw an article with Rumer Willis discussing being bullied about her looks as a teenager. Why is my first thought. She is a beautiful girl, but apparently bullying comes in all forms. She still continues to be bullied via social media after her “Dancing with the Stars” performances. There must be people out there with such low self esteem that they feel it necessary to bully a person simply because they are famous. That is what I call having no life. Its not the boy at school trying to take your lunch money or your lunch doing the bullying any more. It is also the bullies who beat up smaller people just because they can.This is not limited to children as adults do it as well.  I have heard the term barroom bully and have seen instances on the TV. I have also seen younger boys use another boy as a tool to try to beat up a boy they don’t like.  Its a variation on bullying. I have recently read articles about children with special needs being bullied and even beat up.  There is also cyber bullying.  I have seen articles where individuals have committed suicide over it. One article cited a forty-six year old woman who developed a fake account on My Space.  She pretended to be a thirteen year old boy interested in a thirteen year old girl.  She bullied her and finally convinced her to kill herself.  There was another teenage girl who moved to America from Ireland.  She was bullied so much that she also committed suicide. What has happened to the morals of children and adults?  Hazing in college is another form of bullying. The fraternity leaders use bullying techniques to convince other young men to do stupid and sometimes life threatening acts just to be in their fraternity. If you watch any show about college life, for example, “Animal House” you will see it. It is not just confined to the areas I just mentioned.  It also happens in the workplace.  Its insidious and and unwarranted.  It has caused many individuals to either quit or lose their jobs.  I also saw a study in Europe about boys versus girls. I really liked the end result. They interviewed a few boys, possibly in the ten to twelve age category. They asked them a variety of questions, and then asked a tall girl between the age of twelve to fourteen to walk over to each boy. The interviewer asked the boys what they liked about the girl. Several of the boys liked her hair and eyes. One boy liked everything about her. They  were then asked  a few more questions and led up to the boys caressing her. Most of them lightly touched her hair. Finally came the real reason for the study. The interviewer told the boys to slap the girl. They even tried to goad them on to really slap her. Every boy said no because they do not hurt girls. One sweet boy said he was a man and he didn’t believe in violence. Stopping bullying starts with children. It was very encouraging to see this study. In the Good Gus Series, Bad Bart is a bully who learned that bullying is not allowed in Pecos.  Its a good lesson for everyone.  When and if we see bullying, rather than be a by stander, we should try to help the person being bullied.  Stopping bullying starts with all of us.