camping with tentCoffee potHave you ever been camping? Do you love the outdoors? I camped when I was young. I loved waking up to the fresh air. There are many people who love winter camping. I know people who think that winter camping is the best. They believe it is because there are no snakes, bugs, etc. I would never consider it. When my children were young they camped in the back yard. They loved it. They also loved the fact that they could walk into their home at any time. Real outdoor camping where you hike into a site is less common today. I think all children should try camping at least once. I am, of course, referring to the hiking with a back pack, no electronics, no dragging a cooler full of food, but the real deal. It would make them appreciate all the modern conveniences that they use every day. Sleeping on the ground on a bed of pine needles with a sleeping bag is just what an unappreciative child needs to realize who lucky they are. There are many children around the world who don’t have the luxury of a nice comfortable bed, a refrigerator full of food, electronics, good shelter, and even books to read. It is sad that the world has to fight rather than give children what they need most – mental food for thought. I do know of families with young children that make their child or children appreciate what they have by earning an allowance and giving a portion once a month to help a less fortunate child. It helps the children appreciate what they have and at the same time learn how to be kind to others. The Good Gus Series is really about kindness to others. Of course, there are many adventures for the children in the stories, but there is also the lesson that kindness should be part of their basic character. I hope as you consider gifts for birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series.