change signchange sayingChange is inevitable. Many people hate change. They want everything to remain the same whatever it may be. I have seen countless TV shows where the plot is change. Something happens and then the changes affect the characters either positively or negatively. As we are constantly evolving our life is one big change. However, many people don’t see it. The are countless numbers of individuals who take the same bus or train to and from work every day. There are also the commuters who drive the same route to their employment every day. Many of these people eat lunch at a specific time, do their work in a specific way, and leave their work area exactly the same before they clock out. There are people who plan their food each week and eat the same foods for each meal every day. When they return home, they eat their meal at a precise time, and may have a nightly ritual of possibly  reading the newspaper and then watching particular TV shows before retiring to bed.Their social life is also organized and planned with no variations. Are they dull? Who knows? I have known people who dislike change and follow the pattern I just mentioned. They seem content but they were never interested in trying something new. I guess that the same routine with no changes gave them a sense of security and possibly control of their lives. When change did happen to them, they fell apart when they lost their job and had difficulty coping. It’s like that movie, “Office Space.” That one character was very set in his ways and did not like change. We all need a certain amount of stability in our lives, but most change usually turns out to be positive.  People who adapt easily to change are probably more successful as a person, financially, and are happier.  Of course, the change that occurs during fighting is the worst change.  Adapting is difficult and life becomes one massive challenge.  There are so many types of changes in the world today, that I guess we all need to learn about them and see if they work for us in our own lives.