victim signvictim Often we are a victim of circumstances. It can occur anywhere or anytime. Have you ever noticed when your financial circumstances change how many of your friends and acquaintances remain? There have been countless movies and TV shows where a rich man will marry a younger beautiful woman and when the money went dry or he lost it all, she went right out the door. In the work place we tend to have friends of circumstance. They are people we are acquainted with on a daily basis; they know about our lives as we know about there’s, but they are not really true friends. When a couple divorces or even separates, its amazing how people choose sides. Why is that necessary? Why can’t you continue to be friends with both parties? As the circumstances change, so do the people.  There are times in our lives where the circumstances cause an event which dramatically affects our lives.  The people living in countries desperately trying to escape weren’t always trying to find a way out, its just that the circumstances changed.  There have been people in the wrong circumstances who ended up being accused of crimes that they did not commit.  I just read an article today about a man in prison in Oklahoma, United States, who is on death row.  His execution has been delayed due to new evidence. This man worked at a motel and because of his circumstances, another worker framed him for a murder.  Hopefully, he will not be executed as he has maintained his innocent from the very beginning.  Another prisoner told the authorities that a different person committed the crime and set up the innocent man.  People never think about the consequences to a variety of things that can lead to problems due to circumstances.  Let me give you an example.  Your car needs new tires.  You are delaying as you can’t be bothered, it passed road inspection, you can’t afford it, or you think they will last for a while.  Then, one evening your car has a flat tire and the spare is flat.  What do you do?  Its possible you are in a dark area and no help is available.  Immediately, your circumstances have changed and you are at risk physically.  One thing leads to another and then things happen. Many times I have read about mid life crises for both men and women.  Once it hits for some people, everything changes.  They become difference people, are unhappy with their lives and start doing a variety of new things. The circumstances change and so does the relationship or marriage.  The partner is then a victim of circumstances.  In the Good Gus Series, there are many changes and circumstances that could affect the citizens of Pecos.  The series is a wonderful example of no matter what the circumstances are everyone sticks together and solves the problems.