mlkharley Today is Martin Luther King day, a holiday in the United States. As I was flipping through the channels on the TV today, I saw Sidney Poitier discussing being classified. I stopped to watch him describe an event in his life. He walked into the vital statistics department as he was looking for his birth records. In the U.S., it is the governmental office where you can obtain a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and a death certificate. As he walked in the door, he was wearing a small cap on his head. A policeman snapped at him and demanded he take his cap off. He also added the “n” word to the end of his sentence. Sydney looked at him and said, “My name is Sydney Poitier.” Everyone in the office stopped speaking and it was completely quiet. Then, Sydney repeated his sentence. This time they all started laughing. He  said,  in continuing his story, that it was then he realized he had been classified. As he had only heard the “n” word a couple of times, the entire situation was unusual to him. People are classified frequently often without being aware of it. For example, individuals who ride Harley Davidson’s and sport a beard, wear leather jackets, or female riders who are attired in leather, with dyed hair, etc.; suddenly, these individuals are considered possibly dangerous, criminals, people to avoid, and trouble makers. In reality, many of the Harley Davidson riders are good decent people who hold down high paying jobs. They are accountants, stock brokers, bankers, police men and women, and even mothers and fathers. However, by their appearance they are classified into a negative group. Using classifications of people is often the worst idea anyone could have.  People are being judged not by whom they are but solely based on first impressions and a style of fashion.  It’s like saying all models under twenty-five are perfect and anyone over that age should not be in the field.  It was that way at one time, but the designers have finally realized that all types of people buy clothing and therefore, all ages should be represented.  No one is classified in the Good Gus Series.  They are just a group of characters in a story line trying to be the best that they can be.  Remember, is just a click away.