competence signcompetence As individuals age, others often feel that they are not competent. For some people, their minds do slow down. There are also the people who will end up with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Either one is a mean disease. It takes what was once a great mind and wipes it out. What is worse is that when a person realizes that that his or her mind is going, and that they will no longer be competent to make their own decisions, it’s devastating. In the workplace, there are individuals hired for their looks and not for their abilities. Having to work with a person like that can be very difficult. If their only talent is to smile and look nice, trying to teach them a job when they can’t understand the tasks will be impossible. People are hired every day who are not competent. Yet, the workmates have to put up with them, struggle along, and really end up doing their work. There are people who do not have the mental capacity and/or experience to make competent decisions. They don’t collect all the data to even begin to figure it out. Many individuals make their decisions based on emotion and therefore, their ratio of success with their choices is quite low. When making a decision you need to have a number of important facts available. You first need to know, who, what, why, when and how much. Let me explain. Let’s assume you are planning to buy a used car. First who are you buying it from? If it is a dealer, are they reputable? If it is a private party, do they appear to be knowledgeable about their vehicle or cars in general? What type of car are you looking to purchase? Have you checked on the internet for issues, recalls, and other problems? The why is easy. You either need a car or your old one is not going to last much longer. When is a little more complicated. When you see the car, can you do a test drive; have it checked out by a competent mechanic; does it have lots of dents and dings; are the tires bald, and so on. If you cannot see it under the right conditions, don’t.  Find another one. Lastly, the cost. Obviously you have to be able to afford the car or the payments. All this leads to a competent decision and the enjoyment of  your purchase. In the Good Gus Series, making competent decisions doesn’t always happen.  However, the end results turn out positively.  Last minute rush – avoid it and order today a book from the series!