complainPeople who complain are difficult to tolerate particularly those who think that complaining is a way of life. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they complain. At first when you are with a persons who complains, you don’t give it much thought, however, if you are with them even for a few hours the complaining can really get to you. What is worse is that if you point it out to them they argue with you, and insult your intelligence. I have seen people whose way of life is to complain about everything. When you gently suggest that they try to look at things differently, they verbally attack your suggestions. I witnessed this once where there was a group travelling for a day. One of the individuals literally complained about everything from the coffee first thing in the morning, to the tour bus, the bus driver, the scenery, the roads, and on and on and on. Finally, a woman who though she could approach him quietly said, “John, you are not enjoying yourself and you are making it difficult and uncomfortable for the rest of us in our group.” His response would probably shock you. He replied, “Clare, you have problems, You need help. What is wrong with all you people? Why can’t you see that everything I have spoken about is true? What do you wear rose colored glasses so that everything looks nice all the time?” I thought her husband was going to sock him. Instead, he remained calm and told John to get off at the next stop if he didn’t end his unacceptable behavior. John, who has a huge ego and believes he has the right to complain no matter what, told Clare’s husband in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t leaving the tour and had no concern as to whether the other tourists enjoyed the trip.  At the next stop, John disappeared and the rest of the tour was certainly enjoyed by all.  People who complain are extremely self centered. It may also be that they want to control everything; their surroundings,  and possibly other people.  They also make themselves out to be a victim of everything and everyone.  If life or whatever it is doesn’t go the way they want, they complain, whine, and generally make everyone miserable around them.  When I started working for the first time at a job, the ladies I worked with complained all the time.  They hated their job; the supervisor was too picky; their feet hurt, etc. Being young, I didn’t understand why they didn’t get another job.  There were plenty available at that time.  I finally figured out that they just loved to complain.  In the Good Gus Series,  complaining is not allowed.