13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150Good Gus Books, Cory Returns, Children StoryWhat has happened to the art of conversation? Where ever you go people are playing on their phones and not talking to the people they are with. I have even seen people at dinner in a restaurant and its as if they are all alone because everyone is playing with their phones. On CNBC today, on the Worldwide Exchange, the host was discussing statistics regarding shopping. The topic was online versus brick and mortar shopping. What they discovered was that teenagers in particular prefer to shop in stores. They want to see the products, touch them and try them on. They also wanted to test make-up and colognes. The main reason, which was surprising, was that they wanted to have the peer interaction. Have you ever attended an event where the conversation which should have been lively was extremely limited because people were too busy with their phones. We need to return to people speaking to one another. Everywhere I go I see both adults and children with electronic devices. Many children have tablets, or small gaming devices that they play with. I was once in the grocery and was amazed to see a parent pushing the trolley with a small child desperately trying to get her attention but she was too busy listening to her IPod. Why are people so attached to their electronic devices? We need to return to the art of conversation. We should be discussing world events, how our days went, what is new in our daily lives rather than playing with a phone, texting to someone, or even answering our phones during a visit or a meal unless its an emergency. In the Good Gus Series, people speak to each other every day. Many of the stories have people eating and discussing topics such as plans for a new library, town events, or family news. As the holiday rapidly approaches, please keep in mind a book from the Good Gus Series for the special child or children in your life. They won’t be disappointed.