curfew signWhen we were young we always argued and opposed our curfews! Today, there are so many laws, particularly in the United States, that there are numerous cities and towns that have curfews. When I was very young I lived in the city with my grandparents and could not remain on the stoop (front steps) after 7:00 p.m. When I was older, I had to be home by certain times and if I was one minute late, I was punished. That meant no phone, no television, no visiting friends, etc. Once I was one minute late and I was punished for two months. That was a very long time. I was reasonable with my children regarding curfews particularly when we lived in small neighborhoods. If they were outside playing hide and seek or capture the flag, I would let them stay out on a week-end until at least 10:00 p.m. Setting limits for children is difficult.  They will beg, cajole, whine, use guilt – just about anything to get what they want.  I found it easier to set parameters early on so they knew as they matured what they could expect.  There are many cities and towns that set curfews both during the day and at night.  They even have them in some locations on Halloween.  I have always felt that it was the parent’s choice.  They cite reasons such as crime, teenage pregnancy, vandalism, etc.  With or without curfews, if the teen or adult is going to do anything wrong, they will.  The curfews put in place mean nothing to them. In the old west there were no curfews simply because everyone was exhausted from hard labor every day.  There also wasn’t any electricity which might keep them awake beyond a reasonable bed time.  As you review the books you read to the child or children in your life at bedtime, I hope you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series.  They are addictive.