curiosious boyscurious georgeThere is an old saying “Curiosity Killed the Cat.” Who knows how it came about. Curiosity for children occurs naturally. Its important to stimulate a child’s curiosity. My nine month old granddaughter loves “Curious George.” His curiosity sometimes lands him in trouble. Curiosity can also be referred to as not minding your own business. Sometimes people are too curious when they should have left well enough alone. When you hear someone ask you a question and they use the phrase, “I was just curious” you know they want to know something you may not wish to tell them. It sounds so innocent, but its really not. Occasionally, people answer the question and then regret it. It happens in the workplace, between siblings, what I referr to as Nosy Nellies, and even Nosy Normans. If you answer their questions, particularly in the work place, they may use it against you to further themselves and possibly even have you sacked. One of my books, thirty-one, is entitled “The Dirt Devil.” Its about three boys, Ricky, Liam and Frankie who are fishing along the Pecos River when a dirt devil pops up. Frankie warns the boys to keep their eyes closed, but Ricky is just too curious. His curiosity harms his eyes from the dust so that he cannot see and his dad, who works at Ft. Stockton, has to accompany him along with Nurse Joyce, on the train at Monahans, Texas to Ft. Worth to see if his sight can be saved. The ride on the train is arduous. Once in Ft. Worth, Cory’s parents assist them and take them to the ophthalmologist. Nurse Joyce assists in the procedure. Ricky’s eyes remain bandaged for the return train ride to Monahans and the the buckboard ride to Pecos. As in all Good Gus stories, there is a happy ending. When thinking about satisfying a child’s curiosity, I hope you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series.