daily grindWe are all part of the daily grind one way or another. The daily grind for people who commute to work is taxing. I commuted many years ago and it seemed I woke up, started driving, worked all day, drove home, went to sleep and did it all over again the next day. In the United States, there are super freeways and highways that are congested every work day which for many now includes week-ends. Commuting is long and boring. Many people car pool to save money, have companionship, and primarily not to do the drive all the time. For the people who don’t commute, the daily grind can be just as difficult. Sometimes people tend to work really long days which cuts into family time, their social lives, and just doing basic errands. One of the worst parts about the daily grind when driving is the road rage people tend to display. Many drivers are extremely inconsiderate. I was on my street the other day when a car was pulled off to the side and a woman was exiting the vehicle. I began to go around her when she pulled out not even looking in her mirror. What is worse is she gave me a dirty look! I have read numerous articles about people over reacting and having road rage. I think the daily grind and stress of driving, along with the pressures at work, cause many people to live quiet lives of desperation. There are so many ads every where you look, on the TV, radio, internet, and sometimes the fax telling us to get away, take a holiday, buy a cruise trip, etc. Its frustrating as we are all doing our best holding it together, letting the daily grind eat us alive, and then the holiday ads make us want to run away and escape it all. Stay at home Mums or dads I am sure feel the same. The daily grind of sports, dance and/or music lessons, the grocery, laundry, etc. has to have the same impact. The daily grind in the old west I imagine was no different emotionally. As you reach the end of the school year and the child or children in your life need to meet a reading quota, I hope you will consider a book from the Good Gus Series.