factsquestionThe decision making process can be simple or complicated depending upon the subject. The simple everyday deciding factors as people go about their daily lives are in the subconscious. The serious decision generally takes time and a great deal of thought. For example, a person needs to make the decision whether to keep and repair their current vehicle or buy a new or used one. When looking at the factors to make the correct decision, an individual should first gather all the important data. How much will it cost to repair the existing car? If the price is quite high will the car need to be fixed again in the very near future? How will it fit into their budget? Then, if the costs are excessive, should they look at a new or used car. For some individuals, the decision strictly depends on much cash is required to purchase a used car and what the road tax and other applicable fees that may be incurred. Purchasing a new car depends upon the down payment, how long it will be financed and if it can be afforded. Most people do a cursory glance and then make an emotional decision based on the looks, color and style of the vehicle. What should happen first, before any decision is made, is the gathering of facts. For example, if one buys a used car, what guarantees are there that it won’t need repairs shortly after the purchase. Then, if the individual has used all their budget allotment for the used car, how do they pay for the repair? Will they have to take out a loan and are they finance worthy? The new car has the same data except a warranty is included. Once the person looks at all the costs and organizes them, figures that their income will remain steady for a decent period of time, only then can the decision to buy used or new can be made. The same applies to dating and marriage. The decision should just be based on things such as the following: do we seem to get along; how often do we argue; do we like the same foods, activities, etc.; are we at the same intelligence level; do we have the same religious beliefs; are our interests in each other’s activities genuine and so forth. The analysis of data still applies particularly is there is a possibility of a long term relationship, living together and marriage. It’s quite possible the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high if before an individual said yes to a proposal, which also includes buying a home together, if they considered all the facts. I am not excluding love, but there have been couples that we have read about, particularly, famous ones, who never should have been together. In the Good Gus Series, anyone who makes a decision in the story line, generally goes through the process to make sure they are making the correct choice.  This example can be seen in “Cory Returns,” “Girls Rule,” and “The Special Gift.”