cakeHave you ever been on a diet? Many people I have known over the years have been on a diet. Its always trying because they are constantly looking at what they may eat, how many calories, how much fiber affects the actual calories so its possible for them to eat more food, and if they will exercise after they eat, etc. If they are eating with you at a dinner you made, its very frustrating and it makes you as the cook or chef, feel unappreciated. Its downright annoying if you are at a restaurant. I do not object to diets. I object to how it is the only focus of the dieter. Their conversation revolves around food, but when you bring up other topics it somehow winds up back to food. I have dieted myself but I didn’t spend every waking minute thinking, talking and focusing on food. There are also so many diets, if a person decides to go on one, which one to do they chose? Should they chose to their ethnicity, blood type, body style, or? It is almost impossible not to put on weight when the fast food restaurants serve food that has more calories in one meal than you should eat sometimes in two days. Many people find their commercials so tempting that the thought of whatever the ad was offering stays in the mind until they try it. My late girlfriend was always on a diet from the time we were in high school together. She was six feet tall and she felt she should weigh about as much as me, a little over five foot female. Whatever new fad diet came along she tried it. I think what makes it difficult for both men and women is that the models in commercials on the television, magazines, and billboards make people feel that they must be as thin as those people. There have numerous groups over the years trying to outlaw the toothpick sized women, and the extremely thin men in an effort to show young people the value of who they are and that they don’t need to look like the models. There are now eating disorders because of this trend. Its important that people accept who they are and if they are small, medium or large, they are still worthwhile, intelligent decent human beings and should be treated with respect. In the Good Gus Series the characters are various sizes, shapes, colors and ethnicity. I wanted children to see the characters as role models and to not judge themselves based on the looks of others.