kindness with animalschildren playing Everyone is different in many ways but we are also the same. We have different thoughts, beliefs, ideas, physical features yet we are all still human beings. There are individuals who want to be like everyone else and then there are people who want to stand out and look, act, dress, think and appear different. Obviously, if you have bright purple hair, you will stand out and be different. Women and girls who dress provocatively send a message,  As the Fonz said one time on “Happy Days,” to Joanie, “Be careful how you advertise, as the wrong person may answer your ad.”  She was wearing skin tight clothing and a skirt that was very short.  Its true, though.  If you dress a certain way, you send a specific message.  On the “Big Bank Theory,” Penny and Bernadette dress attractively and Amy dresses very plainly.  Men notice Penny and Bernadette, but Amy never receives a second glance.  Obviously, women on the street in the evening, dress a specific way to attract clients.  When either men or women go to a nightclub, they all dress to be noticed.  In most of the movies, many of the men and women look the same in their attire.  They strive to look different, but they look like everyone else.  During the disco age, men wore shirts that they barely buttoned with chains.  Again, even though they hoped to look different and stand out, they didn’t.  It’s almost like a uniform.  The schools in many countries require uniforms and they don’t want the children to look different.  Therefore, no one is picked on or bullied because they cannot afford expensive clothes or because the clothing they are wearing looks old and worn.  Everyone is different in how they act and behave unless they want to be part of the “in” group.  Then they all look, act, speak, and appear to be the same in the hopes that they stand out and are different.  Even in the South or Southwestern part of the United States, individuals wear western attire such as jeans, cowboy or girl boots and hats.  For many people it is practical wear as they work on ranches, and ride horses.  Just as it is in the Good Gus Series, everyone wore western clothes.  They all rode horses and no one in reality stood out except for a few characters.  Cory, Gus’s cousin, always wore a red shirt and Bad Bart dressed in all black.  Miss Patty told me the lines and crowds were overwhelming today.  Don’t stand in long lines, use the internet and order the Good Gus books for the child or children in your life.  Christmas is right around the corner.