sad-girl-on-steps-1371872Every once in a while we are all disappointed. It can be something simple and small such as looking forward to a meal and the food tastes awful. Often people anticipate eating at a particular restaurant that has excellent reviews only to find that they did not like the food at all. It can even happen at home. You may put a meal in the crock pot before you leave for work, followed the recipe exactly, only to find that it wasn’t as described. A long time ago, I followed a recipe that had chicken, with vegetables and the broth was supposed to turn into a lovely sauce.  When I arrived home, all prepped to have a delicious meal I was extremely disappointed.  The chicken had cooked so long that it had fallen off the bone and there were bits of bones everywhere.  It was a total waste.  People often are disappointed with their jobs.  They generally start out excited, looking forward to a new opportunity and then it disappears.  The work may become dull and boring; the workmates may not make it a pleasant workplace, or the salary which was promised suddenly turns out to be much less than originally promised.  Being disappointed with life can be difficult.  When an individual feels they have made the correct choice for a life partner, and after a few years, or even after many years, it all falls apart, disappointed won’t even come close to the heartache and depression.  Children often fell that if they don’t perform perfectly whether it’s in school, on the athletic field, or in the arts, that their parents will be disappointed in them.  Often parents tell their children they have let them down which only exacerbates the situation.  If a child loses an athletic even, doesn’t come in first or second place at the science fair, fails the SAT’s, or?, it shouldn’t matter.  If the child did his or her best, that is what really counts.  Adult child can make life difficult for a parent if they turn to drugs, alcohol, or simply don’t work.  If the parent tells the adult child that they are disappointed, it only adds fuel to the fire so to speak.  It gives them additional reason to drink or take drugs.  Then they can blame the parent by saying they were disappointed in them so therefore, they have no hope.  Generally, it is not the parent’s fault a person has an addiction.  The adult sometimes doesn’t know why themselves.  Helping them find professional assistance is all any parent can do.  However, if they refuse that help, hope is all that is left.  I am sure there many disappointed fans yesterday at the Super Bowl.  However, many of the TV commentators loved the half time show which apparently was a great success. Occasionally, the children are disappointed in the Good Gus Series, but since they are stories everything always works out in the end.  Don’t be disappointed in your finances.  Take the first step to change your situation with the Money Manager at