discipline employeedisciplline motherThere are people who float through life and have no discipline. There are also people who have too much discipline. There is a happy medium. I believe most successful people are disciplined. They set their goals, map out their strategies, and form a plan. Successful people are disciplined in their thoughts and actions. They set times for exercise, expanding their brain power, and even relaxing. If you work with a highly disciplined person it may be easy or difficult. They set time limits for how long a project should take and if the employee isn’t finished at the prescribed time, they expect answers quickly and no excuses. Sadly, the disciplined person could under estimate the time and still be a jerk to the employee. People who work in television or the movies must be very disciplined. They have to schedule their days to give them time to eat, sleep, exercise and memorize their lines. I saw an old show the other day and a guest was a woman on a soap opera. She said she had to memorize a minimum of forty lines each day. That is definitely hard work. The news readers and hosts for early morning shows lead a disciplined life as they have to be to work each week day extremely early to prep for the show and make-up. There is no margin of error or their job is gone. People who do not believe in discipline seem to live chaotic lives. They have an inordinate amount of problems regardless of the amount of money they earn. I have known one or two people like this. Their problems range from always being late for anything; losing their keys or no idea where they left them; doing laundry at the last minute as they weren’t organized to have their clean clothes ready to wear; not scheduling basic maintenance on their vehicle which led to repair issues; and so much more. Anyone can live a disciplined life without being obsessed with a schedule to leave room for flexibility.  People who perform or are in a profession that requires physical strength and skill are highly disciplined.  They must be in excellent physical condition  for such careers as car racing, motorcycle racing, any  of the professional sports, and even bull riding!There is also the use of discipline with children.  Teaching them valuable lessons helps them to build happy productive lives.  A lack of discipline can only make things difficult as they progress through school and do not have the discipline to study properly.  There are parents who take discipline too seriously and pass out punishments that are severe.  That type of individual needs to learn the true meaning of discipline and not punish to be mean or revengeful.  There is daily discipline in the Good Gus Series as is evidenced by the story lines and the residents’ daily activities.