12-BOB2-300x2401-150x150How often do you hear “I don’t know?” I would assume several times a day. Do you wonder when a person gives that answer if in fact they really do know but just can’t be bothered to answer correctly, don’t care, or just want to be left alone. Children give that answer all the time. Its annoying and frustrating for the parent. I absolutely hate when someone asks you a question and you reply, “I don’t know,” because you don’t and then what is worse, they don’t believe you so they repeatedly ask you the question as if by magic you will come up with the answer. I know someone who says “I don’t know” so much that you don’t dare ask anything because you already know the answer. I think saying “I don’t know” when you really do is inconsiderate and rude. People need to learn to be straight forward with their replies and if the person asking the question doesn’t like the answer they should just stop asking. I do admire people who say they don’t know and then try to help you anyways for example if you are asking for directions. Does it drive you nuts when people claim to know the answers and then in reality do not? My son was told by a computer company to have his hard drive backed up by another large United States electronics chain. Not only did they not back up the hard drive data, but then when they were completely wrong they argued about it. It would have been kinder to simply say, “I messed up. I don’t know what happened to the data.” It took six trips to get to the truth. In the Good Gus Series, the truth is very important. You rarely read the words, “I don’t know’ in the books. As the winter weather beats down and all the children are remaining inside, rather than play video games or watch movies, offer them a book from the Good Gus Series.