self doubtselfdoubt ItalyMany people have self doubt. When confronted with a big decision their self doubt creeps in and makes them wonder if they are making the correct choice. Self doubt is a pesky fear that can take some minor concern in your mind to a huge concern just by thinking about it. Sometimes it can help if you speak to someone you trust to help you with your decision so that the self doubt is erased. Have you ever told someone about an event or something that happened in your life? When you did, was their reply, “I doubt it.” I have heard that before and find it annoying. What makes the other person think that they know everything about the individual who told the story? It seems like a conceited thing to say to someone. I am sure if you heard someone say “I caught 5000 fish today” that you would definitely doubt it. However, what about someone who has had something incredible happen to them and as their tale unfolds to be told by the listener that they doubt it? It is inconsiderate and just plain rude. People who make those remarks, I think are full of themselves. They believe they know everything when in reality they really don’t. There are enough things in every day life hitting us that we all can have self doubt without another person telling us. There are events even in the news that make us all wonder. However, if you look at the comments sometimes, people will say that they don’t believe it even if it is true. I saw an article the other day about a man who placed on phony study about losing weight if you ate chocolate. He even cited studies on the topic. It went viral on the internet. Then a few weeks later, he announced it was all fake. I though it was an unkind thing to do. It made anyone trying to lose weight doubt everything they have read. When people who have issues try to overcome them, the last thing they need is someone placing a phony study trying to convince them that it has the answer to their problem. I am sure you have encountered a doubter in the workplace. They aren’t much fun and they make working every day difficult. If you work with a self doubter, and I have, they question every move they make, every decision they make and if you are in an office, your work triples because they constantly change their minds because they doubt themselves.  In the old west their motto was “When in doubt shoot.” For me, that would apply to any poisonous snake.  In the Good Gus Series, there are no guns or violence, so it doesn’t apply. All in all believe in yourself and banish  all self doubt.