job-career-work-opportunity-words-road-signs-colorful-arrows-pointing-to-new-opportunities-to-advance-your-31918731How often have you heard the words, “I have my doubts?”Frequently, people have real doubts about themselves. Sometimes they express them verbally, but mostly they keep their doubts and fears to themselves. Doubts generally occur before something big such as an event, a public speaking engagement, a new job, meeting someone for the first time, introducing your future wife or husband to family, etc. Those are natural doubts as your mind races with thoughts such as how will it all go; will I stumble while I am speaking; will the people I meet at my new job like me; will the boss like my work; will my family like my future husband or wife, etc.? Its the self doubts that we need to get rid of that occur over small things every day. More self confidence and belief in oneself I think erases those doubts.  As children and teenagers, we had doubts about almost everything.  We were feeling our way trying to figure life out.  When we took our first real exam, went to our first dance, played our first sports tournament, doubts plagued us until we simply faced them and then did the best we could.  People who have been seriously injured in an accident have strong doubts that they may never recover.  A pregnant girl in Tennessee, who had been in a horrific automobile accident, and was pregnant at the time, had fallen into a coma.  When there was a window of opportunity, the doctor asked her parents, and delivered her little boy by C-Section.  The boy was only a little over one pound or .454 Kilograms.  He has steadily improved and is becoming a healthy baby.  The parents were told their daughter would never awake from her coma.  However, the parents had their doubts and believed she would.  She did on April 8, 2015.  She will probably be in intensive therapy, but her parents never gave up and banished all doubts that their daughter would awaken and live her life again.  Many of the people who write in response to my blogs show me that if I had any doubts about my writing, I shouldn’t because of all  your wonderful comments.  I appreciate all of you taking the time to write.  Thank you.