994232_638521609492732_1165819847_ngg2-300x211Driving is very convenient. Most people around the world learn how to drive as soon as the law allows. The concept of being able to drive anywhere is wonderful for teenagers. It gives them the freedom they are seeking. Getting the actual driver’s license is another matter. If a parent is giving the ┬ádriving lessons, tempers flare, occasionally accidents happen, and both parties end up either angry, hurt or both. When a driving instructor gives the driving lesson, it works out better for all concerned. The student isn’t angry and the instructor understands the teaching techniques and has the patience to give the lessons. If a boyfriend or husband gives a lesson to a girlfriend or wife, it usually ends up in a nasty fight with neither side speaking. Even the parent child teaching turns out with unhappy people. It is important that when the driving privilege is finally granted that people appreciate it rather than abuse it. Lately, particularly during the holiday season people tend to drink and drive which is very dangerous. What is worse though is the texting while driving. My daughter was driving to see me when a man almost hit her, crossing two lanes and all the while texting. There are signs and billboards all across America asking teenagers not to text, but there really should be focus on the non teenage driver. In the Good Gus Series not only were there no automobiles, but there were no phones let alone mobile phones. If you are considering books as a Christmas gift, I hope you will choose a book from the Good Gus series.