fair playsports fair As much as we would like it, not everyone is fair. People often complain that life isn’t fair. Playing by the rules is a way to be fair. When you watch professional sports, sometimes it appears as if some of the participants are not playing fairly. I remember reading about American football many years ago in a “Reader’s Digest” article which gave the inside scoop of what really went on during a game. The article gave direct quotes from coaches telling their players to hit Joe Montana’s knees because that was his weakest area. Talk about not playing fair! I have seen a variety of TV shows in which the theme basically centered around sports and a character being unfair. In all of the shows there was always the moral that being unfair was wrong. For example, a coach gives strict instructions to the team not to fool around and make their school be proud. That included riding on the bus to and from the event and in the locker room. I remember one episode of a show where one of the towel boys started throwing towels at the star player when the coach left the room. Then another player joined in. When the boy had had enough, he started throwing the towels back at the other two boys. Naturally, the coach walked back into the locker room just in time to be hit with a soggy towel in the face. The boy was immediately suspended from participating in the sport for one week. When the other two boys who had started the towel throwing heard the coach, they hid. Both boys let the star player accept the blame. The star player was furious with the other two boys, but they would not be fair and tell the coach the truth. The younger brother of the star player was very upset. The next day he waited for the larger of the two guilty boys to return home from practice. The young boy used the old guilt tactic saying that the larger boy’s bad behavior would eat away at him so he would have to tell his father and the coach. Of course, you know that the psychology worked. However, the coach had his rules and the star player was still suspended for a week. In the workplace, if a workmate figures out that you are  fast at whatever tasks are given to you, an unfair person will pile on the work just so they don’t have to do it.  There are people in life that if something unfair is going to happen it always seems to happen to them.  There are those who call it bad luck and maybe that is it.  Being fair is an important part of the Good Gus Series.  Its an underlying theme in many of my books.